Who Joins
the World?

Teens like you

The World attracts a cohort of students who recognize the need to manage ambiguity, to work and collaborate with diverse groups, and to develop the practice of learning through self-reflection.

curious and courageous

Students who embark on The World thrive when learning through experience and exploration. They are excited about developing a cohort of co-learners with whom to undertake a shared voyage of inquiry.

Together, we examine and dismantle our foundational assumptions as we travel around the planet, learning and growing.

Find Your Vision

One of our favorite tough questions to ask students is “What is your vision for the world?”

Over the course of the program, students continually adapt their unique vision based on the learning from each day’s explorations in order to develop a succinct talking point when engaging with their peers and current global leaders.

Leave the Treadmill Behind

The modern high school experience is a grind, with academics, extracurriculars, and collegiate applications creating an unending series of tasks to be completed.

The World provides necessary distance from this treadmill, offering inquisitive students an opportunity to step back and decide what kind of life they want to lead moving forward.

Gain a New Perspective

Travel provides catalysts and space for maturing students to confront the reality of their own circumstances and privileges.

Students with the courage to embark on The World gain a wider and more complete appreciation of our diverse planet, and make strides towards finding their place within it.

Unleash Your Curious Spirit

Many students hold a keen desire to think in the abstract while grounding their knowledge in our human experiences and real life situations.

The World is an opportunity to explore questions about our shared future in a stimulating social context, developing both answers and the next set of questions to pursue.

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