The World



On this unparalleled educational travel experience for teens, you will travel around the entire world:

7 countries
5 continents
29 days


The below itinerary represents the most recent iteration of the program. Alterations will be made to best fit the educational objectives of traveling participants.

Boston & Cambridge, USA

DAYS 1-4

The future of science and medical technology

Boston’s striking skyline glitters with architectural gems, while every corner gives way to a new triumph of music, arts and theater. Intimate discussions that introduce a framework for our travels and bring the group together as a traveling team. Intellectual sparks fly as students meet leading scientists, academics, and professionals at Moderna, the Broad Institute, Harvard, and MIT to learn about research into the creation of vaccinations against COVID and other diseases.

Explore Boston & Cambridge

Kamikatsu and Kyoto, Japan

DAYS 3-6

Adopt, Adapt, Adept.

Throughout history, the Japanese have followed this three-step approach to localizing and improving ideas and artifacts to fit within their cultural milieu. We consider how this process has been applied to the varying approaches to dealing with waste in post modern Japan, from “zero-waste” recycling to “waste-to energy” incineration.

Explore Japan

Delhi & Agra, India

DAYS 7-11

An exploration of spirituality

Religious diversity has been a defining characteristic of India for centuries, so we dive into the country’s fascinating range of faiths and their importance in daily life. In two Indian cities, students will be blown away by the cacophony of cultures and religions they encounter as they fall in love with India’s diverse beauty.

Explore India

Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

Days 12-13

The sky’s the limit

Dubai is a cultural melting pot, its alluring glamour and futuristic ambition attracting individuals from all over the world. We visit some of its most impressive architectural feats, exploring the absolute boundaries of structural engineering, and meet the officials promoting peaceful coexistence across this UAE emirate.

Explore Dubai

Nairobi & Maasai Mara, Kenya

Days 14-17

A lesson in conservation

Picture vast savannas stretching out infinitely, peppered with desert date trees and brightly colored acacias. See stunning snow-capped peaks rising up behind desert sands. Witness populations of lion, leopard, cheetah, buffalo, elephants, and the rare black rhino. In this heart-stirring landscape, we learn about diverse ecosystems and conservation.

Explore Kenya

Athens & Epidaurus, Greece

Days 18-20

An ancient land of ingenuity

Often referred to as the cradle of Western civilization, Athens has 2,500 years of vivid history to explore. From the shrine of Asclepius and the towering Acropolis to the modern-day Athens and Epidaurus Festival, offering an array of exciting cultural experiences, we explore the global significance of two extraordinary Greek cities.

Explore Greece

Rio de Janeiro & Manaus, Brazil

Days 21-26

The lungs of the planet

On this crucial step of our journey, we encounter a world of contrasts. In Rio, we soak up Brazilian beachfront culture and explore how soccer is both a passion and a source of economic growth. In Manaus, we come face to face with the toll exacted on the Amazon rainforest by global industry and economic growth.

Explore Brazil

Back to Boston, USA

Days 27-29

Graduation and celebration

We reflect on our journey and what it has meant to us, both individually and as a collective. Looking ahead with ambition and intent, we start the next chapter of our lives with a new understanding of the world, using our learnings to build sustainability-driven organizations and drive initiatives that generate cross-cultural collaboration.

Graduate in Boston
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Days 1-2