Rio de Janeiro
& Manaus

Brazil | Days 21-26

On this crucial step of our journey, we encounter a world of contrasts. In Rio, we soak up Brazilian beachfront culture and explore how soccer is both a passion and a source of economic growth. In Manaus, we come face to face with the toll exacted on the Amazon rainforest by global industry and economic growth.

The lungs of the planet

After flying to Manaus and leaving behind all unnecessary possessions, it’s time for us to explore the Amazon jungle. We experience this incredible ecosystem in all its glory.

Rainforests are one of Earth’s oldest continuous ecosystems, playing a significant part in the health of our global environment by digesting and converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. A guided trek through the wild and luscious greenery illuminates the relationship between the sustainability of the rainforest and the endurance of the human race. We also learn how much of our modern medicine actually comes from the rainforest, and we appreciate the delicate balance of so many incredible species living together in harmony.

“It’s easy to feel like our failures to protect the environment are distant. Brazil exposes us to the intersection of natural beauty and our destructive tendencies. For someone passionate about environmental issues, this presents a tremendous opportunity to learn outside a classroom’s walls.”

– Coco

Envoys Young Professionals Advisory Board Member

Meet Our Young Pros

A Samba Century?

Brazil has been lauded as a Latin American success story, parading onto the world stage in full color to host an array of international sporting and climate events. Yet we learn about the social, economic and political complexity that could stop the so-called ‘Samba Century’ in its tracks.

A Day in Brazil


After a nutritious meal, we enjoy a private flyover of the Amazon rainforest


We meet with local indigenous guides


A simple but hearty refueling, in preparation for our trek!


An Amazon jungle trek, where we conduct research on species diversification and forest stratification to contribute to NASA’s GLOBE program


With a discussion about the mysteries of life in the remote rainforest


Camping surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of the Amazon

Conclude your adventure in…
USA | Days 27-29