Our Impact

As a certified B Corporation, Envoys takes seriously the impact of our decisions on employees, our traveling students, our partners around the world, and the environment. We create educational travel programs that empower, challenge and inspire students to become better citizens of the world, and we believe that we must act as role models during this process. As an organization, we teach students about socially and environmentally responsible stewardship, and we are committed to practicing what we preach.

Social Enterprise

Envoys is part of the revolutionary B Corporation community, meaning we are legally required to consider the impact of our decisions on our teachers, our students, the communities we visit, and the environment we all share.

Through our membership in this community of leaders, Envoys participates in a global movement of people using business as a force for good, helping to build an inclusive and sustainable global economy.

Environmental Sustainability

Envoys is committed to ensuring our programs are both protective and respectful of animal welfare and the local communities we visit. We have a series of company-wide initiatives to limit the environmental impact of our global explorations, including carbon offset purchases, tree plantings, and trail and beach rehabilitation projects.

Our Only External Investor

Social impact is in our DNA, with our only external investment coming from the Grassroots Business Fund (GBF).

GBF aims to reduce poverty by building companies which provide sustainable incomes and cost-savings for low-income populations in developing nations. GBF’s market-based approach to poverty alleviation focuses on building “High Impact Businesses” (HIBs) defined as being sustainable and inclusive firms that benefit large numbers of people in target communities.

Sustainable Development

We work with small locally-owned companies around the world, partnering with the Grassroots Business Fund to ensure we do this sensitively. Our programs help communities develop viable, sustainable and inclusive enterprises that lift people out of poverty.

Carbon Neutral

We recognize that the man-made warming of our planet is among the most critical issues facing our world, and that travel is an outsize contributor to the current crisis.

We have undertaken an ambitious and concentrated effort to reduce climate-changing emissions within our offices and our programs.

We are proud that all program flights purchased through Envoys will be made carbon-neutral through offsets going to projects across the globe, like planting trees in Africa and India, putting up wind turbines in Costa Rica, and creating cleaner cookstoves for use in China.  We also provide opportunities for individual travelers to make additional offsets, as we work towards becoming net carbon-neutral. All carbon offset projects we support are third-party certified to meet high standards and ensure quality environmental protection.