Kamikatsu & Kyoto

Japan | Days 3-6

Adopt, Adapt, Adept. Throughout history, the Japanese have followed this three-step approach to localizing and improving ideas and artifacts to fit within their cultural milieu. We consider how this process has been applied to the varying approaches to dealing with waste in post-modern Japan, from ‘zero-waste’ recycling to ‘waste-to-energy’ incineration.

Living history

We travel by train south to the small town of Kamikatsu on Shikoku Island, unlikely site of a garbage-free revolution. Home to just under 2,000 people, this small town is set to become completely trash-free by 2020.  After years of simply incinerating most of their rubbish, the people of Kamikatsu began their journey by introducing a composting system and 34 designated categories into which garbage could be sorted for reuse. We explore the town, meeting with key actors in the Zero Waste movement and learning about how they initiated and continue to carry out their sustainable practices. 

A Day in Japan


We rise after an overnight in a Shunkoin Temple


We eat a traditional meal of foraged ‘temple cuisine’


We engage in a meditation class under the guidance of the senior abbot of the temple, taking in the peaceful grounds and reflecting on the potential for zen meditation to impact our lives.


We travel by train south to Kamikatsu, home of the garbage-free revolution


We meet with locals to learn about how they adhere to Zero-Waste practices

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