Field Educators

Out of the Classroom
Into the World

Envoys staff are career educators who are experts at teaching in classrooms without walls. We are advanced professionals who model global citizenship and excel at cultivating global competencies in our traveling students.

Seasoned Global Educators

Envoys staff are trained educators with many years of experience working in the field.

We recruit, hire, and train educators who:

• Demonstrate core competencies of global citizenship and cross-cultural competency
• Possess the mindset and skills to facilitate transformational growth for students
• Have the capacity to work collaboratively with local partners in the field
• Are exceptional facilitators of the Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle
• Are trained in child psychology and socioemotional learning

Exceptional Credentials

Teaching fellows hold credentials from prestigious universities including Harvard, Columbia, Berkeley, Tufts, University of Virginia, and Boston University.

Risk Management Professionals

Regardless of the level of preparedness, in global travel there are controllables and uncontrollables.

We recruit, hire, and train educators who:

• Have the knowledge required to practice the theory of risk management in the field
• Can leverage resources and information to make informed, rational, and thorough decisions to manage risk
• Maintain resilience and level-headedness regardless of the situation, and can extend that mindset to others when needed

Experts in Logistics

Flawless logistics mean leadership teams can focus first on student experience.

We recruit, hire, and train educators who:

• Are detail-oriented individuals capable of using Envoys resources to handle logistics in the field despite complexity
• Believe and uphold Envoys’ mandate to support and develop local and family-owned businesses around the world
• Are temperate and respectful to vendors while ensuring an adherence of expectations to reality