Exploring onboard OceanX

Visit the most unreachable parts of the ocean onboard the most advanced exploration and media vessel ever built.


Envoys and OceanX have created a unique partnership to allow students to join the research team onboard the highly sophisticated OceanXplorer vessel. OceanX is a nonprofit initiative of the Dalio Philanthropies, bringing science to life through captivating storytelling. Their vision is to create a deeply engaged global community of explorers, scientists, and storytellers dedicated to educating, inspiring, and protecting the oceans to drive positive change.  

This program combines cutting-edge science and technology with inventive storytelling. Our expedition will bring together a select group of students with inspirational marine scientists using revolutionary technology to unlock the secrets hiding in our oceans.

The World Itinerary

Welcome and Preparations

Days 1-6
Our expedition starts in Amsterdam, where our group will meets together in a secluded establishment. Per OceanX’s health and safety regulations, all students must spend six days in a mandatory quarantine prior to boarding the vessel. During this time, students have virtual meetings with experts from around the world in order to better craft their goals for the time ahead. Envoys highly-skilled facilitators conduct a deep dive into the students’ different interests, and bond through activities designed to make these explorers the best version of themselves. We will use these days to prepare to join OceanX as a healthy, united group, ready to make the most of our once-in-a-lifetime experience.

OnBoard the OceanXplorer

Days 7-12
After our quarantine is complete, we have the amazing opportunity to be one of few people in the world permitted to board the OceanXplorer, the most advanced exploration and media vessel ever built. During our six days onboard, students join a team of researchers and documentarians working to explore and observe underwater ecosystems. Capable of exploring the most unreachable places on Earth, OceanXplorer pushes the limits of discovery and broadcasts it for the world to see. The ship’s 4 labs mirror those of a state-of-the-art laboratory at leading research institutions. Their capabilities include microscopy, aquarium tanks, genetic sequencing, biofluorescent imaging, and visualization of samples from the ship’s various sensors. Thousands of feet below the surface, OceanXplorer’s deep sea vehicles work in concert to illuminate life-changing secrets hiding in the deep. Equipped with the world’s most advanced underwater cameras and onboard Hollywood-level production capabilities, the vessel allows students to join media production experts working to reimagine the future of nature cinematography. Mixed-reality data visualization and real-time editing allows our media team to deliver short-form, episodic, and live content while at sea. The content they work with comes from cutting-edge low-light and high-resolution cameras carried in custom housings, including the only housing in the world capable of shooting 8k resolution at nearly 20,000 ft below the sea surface.

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Disembarking and Reflection

Day 13 -14
We dock and disembark on the coast of Spain, bidding farewell to the OceanXplorer. The group spends a final two nights together, contemplating what we have taken away from our unique expedition. Looking ahead with ambition and intent, we start the next chapter of our lives with a new understanding of the world, using our learnings to build a new and better future.