Dubai & Abu Dhabi

UAE | Days 12-13

Dubai is a cultural melting pot, its alluring glamor and futuristic ambition attracting individuals from all over the world. We visit some of its most impressive architectural feats, exploring the absolute boundaries of structural engineering, and meet the officials promoting peaceful coexistence across this UAE emirate.

The sky is the limit

In this hub of firsts and tallests, students will be blown away by the cutting-edge, limit-defying architecture that is everywhere they look.

From the Burj Khalifa, so tall it could almost pierce the sky, to the exquisitely beautiful Miracle Garden, with 150 million flowers forming a village in full bloom, Dubai’s groundbreaking approach to design is inspiring. The Burj Khalifa features 900 residences alongside a ‘vertical city’ of offices, shops, restaurants and entertainment areas, offering a potentially workable model for compact urban living of the future. During our visit to the Miracle Garden, potentially Dubai’s most ambitious undertaking yet, we ask questions about what is truly possible.

“While traveling through the Middle East, I felt immense gratitude for the opportunity to immerse myself in a region with such a rich cultural and religious history. I visited some of the most spiritual sites in the world, and I never knew how impactful those experiences would be in shaping my spiritual beliefs and identity. The Middle East is also an area rife with conflict, and hearing varying perspectives on complex, large-scale problems firsthand was truly eye-opening.”

– Alex

Envoys Young Professionals Advisory Board Member

Meet Our Young Pros

City of tolerance

As part of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is tied to the Islamic religion, yet as a global city it is committed to welcoming all creeds. Here, students meet with officials from the UAE Ministry of Tolerance, learning how the Ministry works to promote coexistence and acceptance.

A Day in the UAE


A meeting with UAE energy industry experts

Early Morning

Private transportation to Abu Dhabi

Late Morning

We enjoy an exclusive tour of Louvre Abu Dhabi


An intimate meal with Louvre curators

Early Afternoon

A private seminar on contemporary Muslim society at the UAE Ministry of Tolerance

Late Afternoon

Upon returning to Dubai, we stop in the desert for an afternoon tea-break


We dine at one of the Burj Khalifa’s elevated restaurants accompanied by the building’s managers, who discuss its trail-blazing nature

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