Delhi & Agra

India | Days 7-11

Religious diversity has been a defining characteristic of India for centuries, so we dive into the country’s fascinating range of faiths and their importance in daily life.

An Exploration of Spirituality

Delhi pulsates with life, from vivid colors to chaotic bazaars, and from mouthwatering street snacks to magnificent ruins. In a city like no other, students will be blown away by the cacophony of cultures and religions that they encounter here, falling in love with its diverse beauty.

In Delhi we move between the Muslim Qutb Minar Complex and the Hindu Akshardham Temple, observing how each religion blends peacefully into the surrounding community, before visiting the elegant Bahá’í Lotus Temple. People from all systems of belief are invited to worship here, allowing us to explore ideas of interfaith acceptance and co-operation. After Agra comes Vrindavana, a small town known for the eternal presence of the Hindu god Krishna and goddess Radha. Students explore the local temples before spending a night in an ashram, where we re-engage with the powerful energy and profound wisdom of the world, developing our spiritual and physical wellbeing.

“Traveling to India is such an eye-opening experience, especially for those coming from the West. While the overpopulation and poverty are unimaginable, they will give you a totally new perspective on the world that we live in.”

– Arthur

Envoys Young Professionals Advisory Board Member

Meet Our Young Pros

Spiritual Awakenings

In awe-inspiring Agra, the Taj Mahal is the crowning jewel of the Mughal legacy, and a chance for students to understand the ongoing importance of religion in India today. We soak up the grandeur and cultural significance of this stunning mausoleum.

A Day in India


A daybreak viewing of Taj Mahal


Private seminar introducing research-based principles of the science behind well-being


After enjoying a lunch of local delicacies we drive to Vrindavana, a small village considered by many to be the holiest place in India

Early Afternoon

An introduction to our chosen ashram and its norms

Late Afternoon

Meditation training


Individual meetings with a spiritual advisor are followed by a simple but delicious dinner


We spend the night in the ashram – an immersive and peaceful experience

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