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Command Education and Envoys are proud to collaborate on this unadvertised hidden gem at the pinnacle of educational travel.

What is The World?

The World is an unparalleled educational travel program that handpicks two cohorts of 14 passionate young individuals aged 14-19 to journey around the entire planet, investigating complex and interrelated issues of global significance in 7 countries on 5 continents over 29 days.

Who designs and operates The World?

Envoys is a boutique educational travel company founded and run by a team of Harvard graduates. We design unique open enrollment excursions like The World, as well as exceptional global experiences for premier independent schools including Phillips Exeter Academy and Phillips Academy Andover. To date, we have operated international programs in twenty-seven countries, providing life-changing travel for over ten thousand students.

What makes The World unique?

The World is so much more than a summer trip. It’s a commitment to work with others to explore and solve global issues over a lifetime. With a personalized curriculum for each student, intimate meetings with global leaders at every destination, and behind-the-scenes access at the heart of the action, students return home as informed and engaged global citizens, ready to fulfill their lifelong potential. And of course…let’s not forget the unique excitement of traveling around the entire world!

Which students thrive on The World?

The World attracts and grants admission to academically excellent students who recognize the need to prepare to live with complex issues, to manage ambiguity in a rapidly changing world, to work and collaborate with diverse groups, and to develop the practice of learning through self-reflection. Students who thrive on The World are ambitious, highly competent adolescents from families with “global citizenship.” They are thoughtful, caring, excited about learning, and willing to take ownership. We ask them: “What’s your vision for The World?”

How do students spend their time on The World?

Each student accepted on The World identifies a global issue to explore, and receives a tailor-made curriculum and personalized around-the-world experience crafted by Harvard-educated experts just for them. No two students – and no two curricula – are the same.

As students investigate their global issues, they will experience an on-campus hang out with undergraduates studying at Harvard and MIT, a private tour of the Great Wall of China, an exclusive daybreak viewing of the Taj Mahal, and a night under the stars in the remote Amazonian rainforest. They will travel by private helicopter around the United Arab Emirates, experience a customized conservation master class in the African savanna, and share a meal with celebrated festival performers amidst ancient Greek shrines.

From start to finish, The World pushes the boundaries of educational programming to uncover and reveal hidden gems tailored to teen travelers at every destination.

Is The World right for my gap year student?

The World is perfect for gap year students. It gives these young adults the opportunity to step off the treadmill and begin to reset by traveling around the entire world, studying issues of global significance. Thereafter, we will work throughout the entire year with your student to structure their educational exploration, customizing their gap year to the locations and research questions that most resonated on The World.

Can I participate as a parent?

Certainly! During the program, your personal travel concierge at Envoys maintains constant contact and generates both a curated photostream and a synchronized flow of relevant articles, websites, and resources for you to dive into as you travel virtually with your child around the planet.

The World Graduation will take place on campus in Boston at the conclusion of the journey. Families are warmly encouraged to attend and participate as their children present their findings on issues of global significance to a panel of industry experts and university professors, before a graduation address from a university professor and a joyful celebration with global foods and live music. So much to be proud of!

Which adults travel with the student cohorts?

Envoys field staff are career educators. They are experts at teaching in classrooms without walls, and they hold credentials from prestigious universities including Harvard, Columbia, and Berkeley. As advanced risk management professionals, they are trained in adolescent psychology and they cultivate global competencies in our traveling students.

Where does the group stay?

Lodgings around the world have been carefully selected to expose students to a range of inspirational founding entrepreneurs and unique hospitality philosophies. Whenever possible, priority is given to boutique accommodations that prioritize sustainable practices to preserve the planet.

What dates will The World operate in Summer 2020?

The World will offer admission to two cohorts of 14 students each.

Cohort One:
Orientation in Boston – Sunday June 14th
Graduation in Boston – Sunday July 12th

Cohort Two:
Orientation in Boston – Sunday July 19th
Graduation in Boston – Sunday August 16th

What is the application process?

We have designed our admissions process so we get to know each student as a whole person; we interview applicants as well as reviewing an essay, academic grades, and extracurriculars. A parent interview offers you the opportunity to ask us any questions you wish – and we will ask you how we can make this experience the best possible summer for your child.

What is the cost of tuition?

Tuition for The World 2020 is $49,500 (USD) all-inclusive.

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