to Boston

USA | Days 27-29

We reflect on our journey and what it has meant to us, both individually and as a collective. Looking ahead with ambition and intent, we start the next chapter of our lives with a new understanding of the world, using our learnings to build sustainability-driven organizations and drive initiatives that generate cross-cultural collaboration.

Graduation and Celebration

As our life-changing experience draws to a close, we return to Boston to synthesize our findings, draw conclusions, and generate commitments.

We present our findings on issues of global significance to a panel of industry experts and university professors, as well as an audience of our family and friends who have traveled to be with us. Then, we give our around-the-world journey the celebration it deserves.

With our nearest and dearest gathered together in Boston, we commemorate our achievement with tantalizing global dishes, live music, and a graduation address from a university professor. A speech delivered by one student in our World cohort rounds out this adventure as we already look ahead to collaborative projects through Envoys alumni programming.

“From its remarkable education programs to the diversity of the city itself, Boston has so much to offer. You can explore islands, enjoy the beach, immerse yourself in the history of the city, or enjoy the wide range of perspectives of the many students who travel from all over to be here.”

– Matthew

Envoys Young Professionals Advisory Board Member

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Looking to the future

Having realized our potential as committed globalists, we take our responsibility seriously. Alongside our fellow envoys, we engage with the world through empathy, understanding, and respect, making enlightened choices that will sustain the world for future generations.

A Day in Boston

Early Morning

We review our notes from yesterday’s World Synthesis Workshop as our families gather in the auditorium

Late Morning

We present our conclusions on issues of global significance to a panel of international experts and professors


Commencement! A graduation address from a university professor, a student speech, delicious global foods, and live music


Boarding flights home, we are already working together on initiatives that steward the planet’s resources responsibly using the frameworks learned on our trip around the world

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