Boston & Cambridge

USA | Days 1-2

Boston’s striking skyline glitters with architectural gems, while every corner gives way to a new triumph of music, arts and theater. Intellectual sparks fly as students meet the leading scientists, academics, and professionals of Harvard and MIT, in intimate discussions that introduce a framework for our circumnavigation.

The future of science and medical technology

In a city at the forefront of medical research, students explore the possibilities and ethics of new medical technologies.

Our journey of discovery begins in one of the most innovative square miles on the planet: Kendall Square. No surprise then that the globally-recognized Cambridge Innovation Center resides here, providing the perfect launchpad for our young people to dive into the nexus of gene-editing technology. We discover how tools like CRISPR-Cas9 are rapidly making it easier for technology to alter living organisms

“Boston is a city with deep history, strong values, cutting-edge intellect, and charismatic people. I have been lucky to see all of these sides of the city, as well as share them with newcomers. The community and culture of Boston is one that simultaneously is always thinking ahead for the future, while also never neglecting the roots of our traditions.”

– Lauren

Envoys Young Professionals Advisory Board Member

Meet Our Young Pros

America’s University City

Boston is known as ‘America’s university city’ thanks to its fifty-two institutions of higher education. In preparation for our travels, students enjoy dinner with local undergraduates from Harvard and MIT, gaining insight into real life at these esteemed academies – a taste of their potential future.

A Day in Boston


A fascinating seminar on United Nations sustainable development goals with Fernando Reimers, Ford Foundation Professor of the Practice of International Education, Harvard University


A private tour of the Cambridge Innovation Center


We enjoy lunch at the Google Cafeteria


A visit to a bioengineering research lab to learn about gene editing tools like CRISPR/Cas9


A sunset kayak along the Charles River


A private meal and hangout with students from Harvard and MIT

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