Bespoke Curriculum

Just for You

Each student accepted on The World receives a tailor-made curriculum and personalized around-the-world experience, crafted by Harvard-educated experts just for them. No two students - and no two curricula - are the same.

Your Personalized Curriculum

Tailored Learning

Envoys uses a proprietary inquiry-based curriculum model to tailor the travel experience of each student according to their chosen issue of global significance. Our carefully structured process for curriculum design means that World students are guided – yet have real agency – in creating their own unique travel experience.


Through diagnostic software, a thorough interview process, personal essays, and private conversations with issue experts thanks to our unique partnership with GlobalWonks, World travelers begin their personal adventure even before boarding a plane.

Shared Experiences

Envoys builds a deep and lasting relationship with each student, using a framework for global citizenship that supports each traveler’s personal commitment to solving issues that affect us all, even once the cohort has returned to daily life.

And don’t forget, each student travels in a cohort. Imagine the conversations as these students travel together around the world, each student diving deeply into their chosen area of passion – and sharing their contagious excitement. You’ll connect. You’ll work together on your chosen issues. You’ll share insights, discoveries, encouragement. You’ll really be able to make a difference in this world. Together.

What’s your issue of global significance?

Programming Inspired by Passionate Young People
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Investigating Issues of Global Significance

To catalyze deep inquiry and learning, we ask each student as part of their application to specify the issue of global significance they will investigate on this voyage. From that point on, our team of alumni from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education designs and facilitates a personalized curriculum for each student, resulting in a bespoke and truly unique experience for each individual.

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From personal learning goals to packing lists and logistics, Envoys works hand-in-hand with each World family to ensure a life-changing experience.

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