Beijing & Mutianyu

China | Days 3-6

Beijing's traditional hutongs hum with life, each one a maze of eateries, shops and decorative splashes of red, while its skyscrapers reach new, futuristic heights. In the midst of China's drastic economic growth, we explore the social and political obstacles faced by everyday citizens.

Notice on 2019-NCoV

Envoys is carefully monitoring the evolution of the 2019-NCoV coronavirus within China. If warranted by the progression of events, the program will shift for these days to alternative programming in Japan, where we have high-quality curricular offerings in line with the standards of the World.

China’s race to the top

China’s relationship with the world is changing. Meeting senior politicians and permanent migrants, students gain a variety of perspectives on the country’s rapid economic rise.

As China fights to a dominant position on the world stage, trillions of dollars have been poured into the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, which aims to build and solidify the country’s global trading routes. We meet just a few of the millions of ordinary Chinese people struggling to keep up in the economic rat race, developing our awareness for the social and political obstacles they face. We also learn how China has assumed this leading position, through in-depth dialogue with a number of high-profile stakeholders.

“I moved to China when I was five, and grew to love it dearly over my eight years there. From the amazing street food right outside our house in Shanghai, to the iconic skyline of Pudong, memories of the city have really stayed with me. I’d love to go back anytime.”

– Lucy

Envoys Young Professionals Advisory Board Member

Meet Our Young Pros

Living history

China’s sprawling capital may crave constant advancement, but breathtaking reminders of its past are everywhere you look. With an incredible 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Beijing alone, students experience living history at every turn. This inspires conversation about how we can continue to protect these structures for future generations.

A Day in China


A majestic flag-raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square


A roundtable with local business people, gaining an insider’s perspective on global trade


We drive to Mutianyu for a private tour of the Great Wall


At the world-renowned Brickyard restaurant


Introduction to case study methodology used throughout the program. Reading through cases from Harvard Business School, we examine how surges in globalization of manufacturing processes have had ripple effects on communities in China and elsewhere


Enjoyed with James Spears, award-winning architect and owner of the Brickyard

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