Athens & Epidaurus

Greece | Days 18-20

Often referred to as the cradle of Western civilization, Athens has 2,500 years of vivid history to explore. From the shrine of Asclepius and the towering Acropolis to the modern-day Athens and Epidaurus Festival, offering an array of exciting cultural experiences, we explore the global significance of two extraordinary Greek cities.

An ancient land of ingenuity

We travel to Europe to visit sites that stand as testaments to the incredible ingenuity of ancient civilizations, including the ancient city of Epidaurus.

Here we’ll explore the shrine of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine. Epidaurus is a truly exceptional archeological site, featuring the remains of one of the most complete Greek sanctuaries of the ancient world, considered by many to be the birthplace of modern pharmaceuticals. Students learn how the herbs and cleansing rituals of the ancient worshippers here gradually transitioned from divine to scientific. We explore how the practices of these holy men at Epidaurus ultimately came to inform future medical innovations.

“When I traveled to Greece, I realized that Greek students noticed things in my favorite authors that I had never seen. The Greek students had an entirely different approach to the material (and to life) that gave them access to ideas I could not discover without them. This realization inspired me to do my thesis research abroad to ensure that I wasn’t getting lost in the US bubble too much.”

– Brian

Envoys Young Professionals Advisory Board Member

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Sparking cultural energy

Modern Athens is equally alive with inspiration and ideas; creative energy pulses through the streets. We celebrate this at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, taking in a dramatic performance from the same stage the Ancient Greeks did 2,000 years ago.

A Day in Greece


We feast on Grecian wild honey and pastries fresh from the oven


An exclusive seminar on archeological preservation. Using climate simulation software based on system dynamics modeling from MIT, we explore the possible scenarios for World Heritage sites to be affected by climate change, multiple energy futures, and natural disaster.


We select and taste more local delicacies


We take in cultural performances at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival


A private meal with the festival performers, learning how they prepare to perform at the centuries-old setting


A final theater performance brings our day to a close

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