Summer 2023

Do you love learning? Which issue of global significance are you most passionate about?

Apply to join our carefully selected cohort.

Application Process

Academically rigorous

Here at Envoys, we love learning. We are passionate about education. We attract and grant admission to students who can demonstrate academic excellence. During this admissions process we will ask for your GPA, your extracurriculars, your academic history, and an essay. These aspects are essential in allowing us to assess candidates and craft a cohort of serious students.

More than just your grades

We know from experience that traveling around the world with an intimate cohort is about much more than grades. More importantly, YOU are so much more than just grades! What are your values? What are your dreams? What do you care about? Who are you? Our interview process helps us begin to unlock each candidate as a whole person.

The role of parents

We care about parents. We care about families. We work year-round with high schoolers from every corner of the world…so we get teens. In our parent interview we will offer you an opportunity to ask us any questions you wish. We will ask you to share your perspective on how we can make this experience the best possible summer for your child. We seek to understand if our values and vision for this experience align.

Having fun!

We know that teens today are pummeled with requirements, hoops to jump through, competitions to win, crushing workloads… The World is a unique combination of exciting adventure, international learning, and good clean fun. You can count on us!


If you’re eager to push ahead, explore our archetypes quiz. This is a proprietary tool we have designed so you can begin crafting your very own personalized around-the-world experience. The quiz takes about 3-5 minutes to complete. It will generate insights about your personality and interests that you can use as you prepare for the essay and interview portions of The World’s application process.

Travel not for yourself, but for
The World