About Us


Envoys is a boutique global education company. We design unique open enrollment excursions and exceptional global experiences for premier independent and public schools. To date, we have operated international programs in twenty-seven countries, providing life-changing programming for over ten thousand students.

A Global Company

40+ dedicated experts in our operations team and hundreds of field staff around the world work to make Envoys a truly global company. From our headquarters in Boston, and offices in NYC, Denver, and Bogotá, Colombia, we have operated programs in twenty-seven countries, providing life-changing travel experiences for over ten thousand students.

Envoys takes seriously the impact of our decisions on employees, our traveling students, our partners around the world, and the environment. We create educational travel programs that empower, challenge and inspire students to become better citizens of the world.

Teamwork for the Future

“The work that matters in the 21st century will be performed by small teams utilizing diverse skill sets and technologies to work across geographic, cultural, and temporal boundaries. Envoys works to institute a new paradigm for global education, one that more effectively prepares students to take on the challenges of the future.”

Seth Leighton, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President, Education

Our History

The founders of Envoys first met as classmates at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where they found themselves continually engaged in deep discussions about the purpose and meaning of education, ways to support students through the critical formative years, and the need for innovation and higher standards in educational travel.

Seeing the increasing demands placed on teachers for a global approach to education, and the need for accountable and dedicated support, Envoys was founded in 2012. Initial programming in the Galapagos Islands and Malawi rapidly expanded to twenty-seven destinations across five continents, with thousands of students traveling with Envoys on an annual basis. Our work with schools generated requests from families for longer and deeper explorations, leading to the development of The World programming.

Empathy, Understanding & Respect

“The term ‘envoy’ is derived from the French word ‘envoyé’ (messenger) and from the Late Latin ‘inviare’ (to be on the way). Envoys travel with open minds, seeking to learn about a culture and build lasting relationships with the local people. Envoys are empathetic souls, moving through the world with confidence and compassion. Envoys travel not for themselves, but for the world.”

Louisa Fulford-Jones, Director of Admissions

A Passionate Team of Leaders

We are a team of educators empowering students to travel…not for themselves, but to understand and contribute to solving our world’s most overwhelming challenges. We are a company of awesome nerds with compassionate hearts, all bringing experience as teachers in classrooms – with walls and without!

Exploring the World

“At Envoys, we do not ‘go on trips’ – rather, we lead students on focused explorations of topics of global significance, bringing in perspectives from multiple stakeholders and learning to better engage with the diverse and beautiful world.”

Mason Hults, Director of Programming